2018 Artist residency

July 28th - August 10th, 2018

Join us to work with the local clay, work with the master builder at his Sawmill, or work on any independent project that can be supported by the VCAC’s rugged setting and adventurous attitude. We invite artists to experience a practice focused on sustainability and self-sufficiency by locally-sourcing and hand-processing their materials whenever possible, while living and working communally in a beautiful wilderness environment. We are open to any and all ideas for your art adventure! Let us know what you’d like to work on while at camp, and we’ll try our best to make it happen!


The programming for the Sustainable Practices Symposium is intended for both personal and collective growth. We will share our skills and ideas with each other though demos, presentations, show-and-tells, and campfire discussions. We work together to build connections and community within our individual practices. People of all creative backgrounds, experience levels, and fields of practice are encouraged to join us!

We also screen-print our own t-shirts with a unique design for each year's symposium, and we take field trips for goat-cheese-making lessons from Aileen Seeger!

Submit your project ideas

Fill out a brief questionnaire to Sign Up for the 2018 Residency! Space is limited, and submissions will be reviewed in the order received. Questions? Contact Amy at visitor.center.artists@gmail.com

our arts facilities & creative opportunities

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Symposium participants collaboratively design and build infrastructural apparatus each summer using donated and scavenged materials. Building projects are directly related to and used for the studio areas in which the artists are participating. Within these collaborative projects we strive to harmonize diverse skill-levels and skill-sets. Applicants with previous design or building experience OR exceptional enthusiasm in skill-building related to the design, technical aspects, or construction should include this in their application.


We take exciting field trips to go hiking, swimming, canoeing, and adventuring, to the majestic Lake Superior, gorgeous waterfalls on the Ontonagon River, and historic sites throughout the vast Ottawa National Forest.