all things wood

Mel seeger's matchwood sawmill


Participants will have the opportunity to tour Mel Seeger's Matchwood Sawmill and farm down the road from camp, see the barns and yurts he has built, and watch a demo of Mel milling logs on the sawmill he made from a Mac truck!

This is an opportunity to learn from a D-I-Y master. Mel has worked in the logging industry and run sawmills his entire life. He mills his own rough-cut lumber, and builds amazing barns, saunas, yurts and even viking ships of his own modified historical designs! Our VCAC Studio Barn is one of his beloved creations. He also makes various types of heaters, furnaces, ovens, and stoves and has been experimenting with creating insulating bricks from local clay and sawdust from his mill. He's a master of hand craft but is also tech savvy, using CAD and CNC to create utilitarian designs and visual art. Additionally, he farms and plays traditional Norwegian music with his wife.

Last summer Mel helped us build the "Clay Cathedral", an outdoor shelter for our clay-processing, drying, and covered kiln-firing area, as well a the "Octonagon", an 8-sided Grillikota, complete with a wood-burning stove, for use as a sauna!

This summer, Mel will be collaborating with us on a shelter for our outdoor kiln, and a clay-drying system made from a wood-burning rocket stove heating a horizontal flue under drying racks!

Dick's Wood shop

We also have the pleasure of working with our neighbor, a wood-turning artist, Dick Graham, from whom residents have the opportunity to watch a woodturning demo, and try their hand at the lathe!