Liz Ensz and James Lentz will lead the Metal Casting Workshop with a focus on hot metal skill-building, sustainability, and individual experimentation through the creation of small scale works. This workshop is intended for all skill levels and emphasizes process and accessibility to a foundry practice possible in your own backyard. Participants will learn the fundamentals of mold-making and casting through practice and participation. All skills acquired during this course are transferable to other molten metal practices.


We use non-toxic resin and locally sourced sand for our molds, and we cast recycled aluminum. Additionally, we are working to develop a ceramic shell molding technique using our local clay. Participants are welcome to bring small patterns they have made, bring oil clay or wax to sculpt with, or create patterns on site using found materials and/or their own tools.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Explore mold-making techniques for metal casting
  • Source local sand, clay, and metal
  • Make several castings in aluminum
  • Learn about the world of hot metal arts, artists, and practices
  • Have fun experimenting with DIY and from-scratch techniques

Metal facilities include: 

  • Propane furnace with 16# crucible
  • Sheltered work space with tables
  • Wooden flasks for mold-making
  • Hot metal safety gear (face shields, leathers, welding gloves, etc.)
  • A sand-mixing station (mixed by hand) 
  • Power and hand tools
  • Foundry wax pots
  • All mold-making materials included (sand, resin, etc)
  • 5 pounds of aluminum included for each artist (additional aluminum available for purchase)

Participants are responsible for their own basic safety gear (safety glasses, dust masks, work gloves, work boots, etc.)

See Costs here, and go to Symposium and Logistics for more details